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巴黎 • 香港               Paris • Hong Kong
Our expertise in International trade and our knowledge of the Chinese culture and the language are essential assets to the success of your projects in China.
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You are looking to sell a product already existing on the market, and you want or not to add some developments on. We are leading for you a custom sourcing mission.
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Product Design and Development
The industrial facilities we have in China combined with our experience in development, allows us to transform your innovative ideas, not yet existing, in product to be manufactured in small or large quantities.
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Factory Audit
Factory audit is an essential step before any business relationship with Chinese manufacturers. It’s important to know who you're dealing with before lauching your production.
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Quality Control
Because each business has its own quality standards, we use the AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) for our audit. You set your tolerance level of quality.
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