Factory Audit

 Factory audit is an essential step before any business relationship with Chinese manufacturers. It’s important to know who you're dealing with before lauching your production. 

Our structure in Hong Kong allows us to be very fast with your partners to build a strong working base leaving nothing to chance. After meeting your industrial and achieve our audit, we will submit a review on this partner so that it will provide you a better view of it and you will be able to make good decisions.


With Valtrade, you do not leave place for doubt and you avoid bad surprises!

  • 1We check that the factory is real,
  • 2We check that the tool is suitable for your industrial needs qualitatively and quantitatively,
  • 3We check the authenticity of licenses and official documents,
  • 4We describe the organization and the function of the structure for better communication with your partner,
  • 5We build the customer / supplier relationship under the rules of the Chinese culture.

Understanding the organization of your futur business partner's, his way of working are inevitable basics to the success of your business relationship.



Beware of B2B platforms

Many fake companies infiltrate B2B database creating false accounts, even paying one to increase their credibility. They build advanced discussions with European distributors, even to send them commercial documents very well done. Once the deposit is paid by the Western company, the fake factory phone disappears and your partner is no longer existing. It is a swindling. International trade is a job requiring a lot of rigor and attention, to avoid the pitfalls.